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Inner City Project

The Salt Lake Inner City Project was organized and functions for the purpose of assisting the poor and needy under the direction of bishops and branch presidents by teaching principles of temporal self-reliance that leads to temporal and spiritual well-being, and in bringing souls unto Christ. Approximately 600 Church-service missionaries are currently serving in the greater Salt Lake City area to assist bishops and branch presidents of 26 stakes to achieve its purpose of assisting the poor and needy.

The current/live Inner City Project website can be found at: http://icp.lds.org

Currently, the Inner City Project serves the leaders and members in the greater Salt Lake City area. But, a new website is intended to be a foundation to serve other potential Inner City Projects throughout the world.

New Inner City Project Website

The new Inner City Project website is to help in three ways:

  1. Administration – Administration of the missionaries including who are they, where are they assigned and when will they be released?
  2. Resources for Missionaries – A resource for the missionaries to serve the needy.
  3. Missionary Reporting – A monthly reporting tool--to let the leadership know how the missionaries are doing and how to assist them.

Currently the Inner City Project is in Salt Lake City; but, it has been requested in other cities in the US. This system needs to handle multiple Inner City Projects.

Inner City Angels

Whenever a software developer wants to contribute to an application or software development project to LDS Church that will be used or managed by the Church, the Church must obtain a license agreement that defines the Church's rights to the person's contributions. This protects both the Church and the contributor.

In the Church's Individual Contributor License Agreement ("ICLA"), contributors grant the Corporation of the President ("COP") a sublicenseable, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license to their contributions. Because this license is non-exclusive, it doesn't prevent the contributor from using his or her contribution for other purposes as well.

The central feature of the LDS Church's Inner City Project is a directory of resources ("Storehouse of Specialist") that lists professional services and resources that volunteers (users) are willing to contribute, and a central ticketing system designed to solicit and accept contributions and donations.

Inner City Angels (www.InnerCityAngels.com) is a public version of the LDS Church's Inner City Project, and similar to that project it is designed to assist charities and public agencies have access to similar information, services and resources, and to allow the general public to participate either as service providers, volunteers, contributors or to donate cash.

In this scenario, the LDS Church's Inner City Project would essentially be a beta site and a single instance of the finished Inner City Angels system.

Features of the new Inner City Website


  • Who are the missionaries serving in the Inner City Project.
  • Where are the missionaries serving from (i.e. home ward and stake, and who are their bishops and stake presidents).
  • What ward or branch is the missionary assigned to serve in.
  • Reports for monitoring missionary services.

Resources for Missionaries

  • Storehouse of Specialist (what services are available for the missionaries to use to assist the needy).
  • Guidelines on using the Storehouse of Specialist.
  • Links to Church resources (i.e. Provident Living).
  • Links to community resources (i.e. 211 directory, State of Utah Community Services, Utah Job Services, etc.).

Missionary Reporting

  • Online forms for missionaries to submit their monthly reports.

Skills Needed for Project

  1. MySQL Database Designer/Engineer
  2. PHP Developer
    • The UI framework will be using ICS's IxF framework.
  3. Authentication and Authorization
    • The project will use LDS Accounts and WAM for its authentication and authorization.
  4. WordPress Guru
    • Embedding Wordpress into the PHP website for a manual and for a blog.
  5. Google Calendar Expert
    • Embedding calendar.
    • Programmatically logging in as one of three users: admin, stake lead or missionary.

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